Borosilicate glass


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Quality and precision – the know-how of generations

In our hometown Kaufbeuren we combine our vast experience including tradition and innovation into an unbelievable art for manufacturing all kinds of products made out of glass. We are very proud about this extremely precious feature because glass is a signifant cultural and historic part of our life.
Since three generations the Schäfer Glas GmbH is shipping its unique products into the entire world. We are proud to do this for our customers with perfection and devotion

Glass – as versatile as our idea

We are equally close to the classical craftsmenship for glass as we are convicted to further develop this material for entirely new fields and applications. Our company develops and designs with great conviction top quality products for the modern lifestyle and for the very challenging high performance industry.

Highest resiliance – beads made of borosilicate for research and development


A great part of our manufacturing operation is for the production of glass beads made out of all types of glass. Especially our beads made out of borosilicate, generated thru a hot conversion process, are very useful for all kinds of special applications. Their chemical resistance against aggressive media and their heat resistance are very unique features for the use in labs, in the medical field as well as for Bio-Science.


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