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Borosilikat Glaskugeln, Borosilikatkugeln, Borosilikatglaskuglen

Borosilicate Glass Beads and Products

Our borosilicate glass beads, starting with a size of 1 mm, are used in many areas of daily life. Our outstanding quality is thereby known and valued world-wide.

Glaskugeln, Borosilikat Glaskugeln, Sacklochkugeln, Blasenkugeln

Glass Beads

Individual, high-quality and diverse - these are the glass beads from Schäfer Glas. Glass Beads / Glass spheres are available in various sizes, colors and designs

Glaslinsen, Abdeckhauben, Glashauben, Beleuchtung, Glasfassung

Technology - Glass lenses

Glass and Technology - we make this contact and make your visions reality. Regardless whether glass lenses for lighting, optical or technical application areas, and more.

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26/07 - 2017


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